Yogurt bowl – for a good digestion every morning!

If you have trouble with bloating or digestion in the morning, please try my yogurt parfait bowl, that is filled with fruits, seeds and so delicious! I have this breakfast about 3 times a week and it’s absolutely amazing! The yogurt ads protein to your diet and also some good gut health, the chia seeds as you well know are a super food and so full in antioxidants. The banana and the apples add vitamin C, help with colesterol and inflamation. The nut butter ads taste and some very good fats for your diet. It’s absolutely amazing and so filling!

How to make an yogurt bowl to help you with your digestion:


• 1 cup plain yogurt vegan or not (your choice)

• 1 ripe banana

• carrot cake or crumble cookies (mine are homemade, leave a comment if you want me to share the recipe)

• apples

• for the sauce: 1 tbs nut butter, 1 tbs agave syrup, 1 tbs water, mix well

• drizzle all over, don’t be shy! check for taste and you can also add cinnamon, berries, chia seeds, anything you want.

Video on ho to make an yogurt bowl parfait:


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