Train with Joanna

Train with Joanna

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I believe that real life changing trainings come from a change of mindset. We’re not looking here for a quick fix, we are looking to change our lifestyle and have a better life altogether, thanks to a better perspective on ourselves, a higher level of energy, to gain perspective and confidence. So training with me will be a marathon, not a sprint. You will have to make this choice for yourself everyday. To be better, to give yourself time, to invest in yourself.

Training with me will not be hard or challenging, but rather fun, unexpected and always with a dose of smile. 🙂 The website and app DoseofJoanna is dedicated to all those who think that they cannot do it anymore, that it’s a lot of work and that loosing weight would be really hard. I am here with you to tell you that we can do it together!

Trainings in the DoseofJoanna app will include:

  • Abs&Core exercises
  • Arms&Chest trainings
  • Beautiful legs circuits
  • Booty workouts
  • Stretching
  • Feel good videos for changing your mood
  • How to videos on certain exercises such as squats, planks, lunges, pushups etc.
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Pilates inspired

The fitness, health and lifestyle app DoseofJoanna gives you weekly programs to follow in easy steps, it’s fun, it’s super simple to follow and anyone can do it! You can also complete challenges by working on your weekly menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas in the app. Your lifestyle can improve with our easy to follow videos where we discuss together daily tasks in a woman’s life, how you can read more or dedicate more time for your hobbies, ideas for kids, ideas for relationships, couple’s advice, how to keep your house clean easier, beauty hacks and so many more ideas, tips and tricks from the experts that are invited in this project to share with you their best advice.

Train with Joanna

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