Why is a manicure so important?

Why is a manicure so important? I think a woman can be really expressive, sensual and attractive just with her hands alone. As women, our hands are expressive, we show, we explain, we caress with them, we feel our loved ones, we give, we cook and clean, we take care of everyone with our hands alone. So as a woman, you hands need to be taken care of, you need to show them the same love as they do, you need to have a delicate and velvety skin.

See, when you look at the picture below with me, even though it’s an image with my whole body, you most definitely can see my hands, they are a big part of the image that I project. So this is exactly the same thing with you in society. Everyone can see your hands, so they need to be beautiful!

Hands, manicure, feminine, why is manicure important in a woman’s look?

For may years I worked as a florist in my own business. About 3 years in a row, in the beginning, I had to also take the role of an actual florist in order to maintain our business afloat. So while placing orders, doing accountancy and purchases, one of our employees left and I found myself in the situation where I had to learn this new job, with manual and physical labour, that really destroyed my hands, in time. I guess you don’t really know this, but all the plants and flowers are treated with chemicals in order to prolong their shelf life. So, as an actual florist, making bouquets, all those chemicals attack your skin and nails.

So, I found myself for years not having a manicure. I felt awkward in social situation, hiding my hands, keeping them in my pocket, wanting to shake hands and feeling my skin really brassy… As a woman, you feel that others are checking out your clothes, your posture and most of all your hands. I then realised that no matter what, the simple act of taking care of my manicure every two weeks helps me feel more feminine, more beautiful and delicate.

All those years ago I decided to actually have this little treat for myself and go have a professional manicure every 2 weeks. I actually found a salon very close to home, where you can get all sorts of manicures done, in no time. As you may know, there are 3 types of manicures: classic, semi permanent and gel nails.

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Classic manicure

It is recommended for women who like to keep their nails rather short and natural. The manicure takes about 20 minutes to be done and the nail polish lasts for about 1 week. The nail polish can be removed at home, with acetone and maybe put on a different colour if you want. The good side of this is that it’s cheaper, the bad side of it is that it dries in a rather long time and if you have a job working with your hands or if you clean a lot around the house, it doesn’t last, the nail polish chips away. For a more polished look, I recommend you ask for a trim of the skin around the edges of the nails and for some oils/creams for your hands.

Semi permanent manicure

This one is actually the one I go for every time. It is recommended also for natural nails, that can be worn longer (so healthy nails). When I first started visiting my manicurist, I was almost certain that my nails had to be done in gel, because they were so damaged and frail. But she actually recommended I go for a semi permanent manicure, together with a treatment and this worked out great for me. So if you have like me damaged nails, maybe give them some time and some love, they will get better, if you take care of them. Going back on the semi permanent nails, these take about 1 hour to be done in a salon. The cost is almost double as the classic manicure, but the nail polish lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks, no chipping. What I always do is select for my nails a more neutral and feminine colour, this way when the nails grow, because the colour is very close to my skin, I still have a really nice manicure. So the rather inconvenient side of this is that it takes longer to be done, it costs more, but the very good side of it is that it lasts a long time. So, the cost is cheaper actually on the long run.

I have tested the semi permanent manicure also with cleaning products and I guarantee you it would not budge from my nails! For keeping my hands hydrated and smooth, I use a very intense hydrating cream, like Cerave Moisturising Cream for Dry to very Dry skin. I find it hard to actually like a cream that is designed for hands. I don’t like them because they only hydrate my skin for a short period of time and they leave them greasy. This cream from Cerave absorbs really fast, it has no perfumes and it lasts me a long time!

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Gel manicure and fake nails

I have never had this type of manicure before, but I really enjoy seeing it on celebrities and nail artists on social media. I think it’s an amazing invention for women that don’t have naturally pretty or healthy nails. It’s an amazing alternative, you can get really creative with it and it lasts a long time, plus it’s sexy. So if you think you need this kind of manicure, you should know that it is done in a rather long amount of time, it costs a lot more than the other 2 types and the results can be really artistic and eye catching.

So, my dear ladies that are reading this. If you struggle with your femininity or your image, please find time every couple of weeks to get your nails done. It’s the perfect time to maybe think about yourself, take some time for your self and do a little pampering. You will feel so much better after the manicure, fresh, clean, delicate, you can also express your personality and mood in different colours every time. You can also see, interact and talk to other women in the salon, it can be very therapeutic and it can instantly boost your confidence, for such a small price! Manicure is really the first and most important step towards feeling better about yourself.

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