Straight back exercises – quick and easy

Beginner exercises for a straight back posture – looking for some easy exercises that you can do anywhere for a better posture? I designed this quick and easy routine to help you maintain a better posture, anywhere you are. For these exercises you just need 10 minutes, a chair and some will!

Back posture is really important for a nice, feminine look, but also for your overall health. Feeling good about yourself, reaching that confidence that you want and need, starts most often with a correct posture, both walking, sitting or when doing your favourite activities. These exercises help you build strength in you back and teach your muscles how you need them to sit, basically create that muscle memory to help you keep a straight back all the time, without even thinking about it. Really think about each muscle that you want to work, even though you can’t feel it yet or every inch of your body tells you to leave it alone, to give up. Keep practicing every day, 2-3 circuits of this program and see your posture change. 

VIDEO on how to do these exercises for a straight back

The routine for back posture, straight back consists of:

Necessary materials: 1 chair, some space for your arms, 10 minutes and your will to succeed 🙂


  1. Sitting shoulder rolls – 15 reps X 3 times – really engage your back while dooing this, feel your back muscles pop. Use this exercise also for a quick stretch of the neck and back, it’s amazing for those days when you sat too much.
  2. Sitting neck stretches – 15 times, each side – while doing this exercise don’t forget to maintain your core engaged , your shoulders back.
  3. My favourite – sitting back pulses – 15 reps X 3 times – remember to maintain a good posture during these exercises.
  4. Shoulders up, back and down – 15 reps X 3 times – this exercise acts as a muscle memory stretch, because it also helps you maintain a good posture while walking. So, when you walk on the street, remember to place your shoulders up, back and down, keep your chin parallel to the ground and you oficially have an amazing walking posture!

This routine is my amateur version of some exercises that helped me maintain a better posture in time and also solved some of my back pains, due to sitting too much in front of a computer. Hope this helps you! Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my socials! Your engagement helps my channel grow!

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