DoseofJoanna – The APP

I love to share with you my workout plans that really helped me achieve my dream silhouette, but also the dose of energy for everyday tasks, the confidence to wear whatever I want, the joy to be myself and be happy. All these come from within. So the app DoseofJoanna is exactly the dose of motivation, energy and discipline you need every day to achieve all this and much more! For me working out and staying active all week long is the key to a better life, a happier you, it’s the actual key to a whole new universe that you can access so easily!

It’s not hard, if you know how to cleverly combine movements, music, good mood and techniques explained in depth by a certified trainer. So the DoseofJoanna app will give you the ideal way to get in shape fast, easy, stress free and super fun!

The app will be soon available on App Store and Google Play. The DoseofJoanna app will have for you premium content which includes:

weekly training programs planned together with a specialised trainer

weekly doses of energy and mood boostters

weekly meal plans with shopping lists included

weekly tips and tricks for keeping your house clean

weekly incentives to find time for your special hobbies

and so much more!

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